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At the core of the congress lie 5 days of exchanges and debates in Marseille. Each day is dedicated to a specific topic, which branches out into streams and areas.

Each workshop or knowledge café is assigned to an area, which is affiliated to a stream and ultimately to the topic of the day. Additionally, each abstract bears a connection to at least one of five overarching themes.

The Ajaccio Ministerial Conference for Ocean Conservation is the object of a separate program, as the conference is open on invitation only.

Day-Specific Topic



Monday, Oct 21
Day 1: Opening

Welcome to the Mediterranean!

Organizers’ opening notes

The oceans’ natural and cultural heritage


A journey through remarkable ecosystems

Mother Sea

Pictures worth a thousand words

The key role of locals

Tuesday, Oct. 22
Day 2: Science & Knowledge in the Service of Effective Management

Conservation science in support of MPAs

Roles and effects of MPAs

Biodiversity studies

Establishing and managing MPAs at ocean scales

Ocean-scale approaches

Ocean-scale ecosystems

Tools and approaches to support MPAs

Survey techniques


Impact assessment

Socioeconomics and MPAs

Cultural and traditional heritage and perspectives

Ecosystem services

Participatory approaches

Wednesday, Oct. 23
Day3: Tools for MPA Management & Enforcement

Managing MPAs

Management-plan implementation

Stakeholder engagement

Financing an MPA on a daily basis

Increasing effectiveness

Certification and standards

Monitoring, assessment & enforcement

From MPAs to MPA networks

Planning networks at various scales

MPAs in a changing world

Thursday, Oct. 24
Day 4: Governance, Partnerships & Industry Involvement

Governing and financing MPAs

Governance of MPAs in the high seas

Comparing governance frameworks and processes

Partnerships, subsidies and funding mechanisms

MPAs in the wider society

Collaborative methods and tools

MPAs as forums for stakeholder dialogue

MPAs for livelihood support

Communicating around MPAs

Stakeholder and community involvement

Shifting towards more participation and consultation

Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs)

Working with industry

Friday, Oct. 25
Day 5: Regional Approaches

Crossing boundaries and fostering regional synergies

Ensuring ecologically coherent regional networks

Developing interregional cooperation

Integrating the high seas into regional networks

Advancing regional networks and their governance

Leveraging regional strategies

Capitalizing skills and tools for effective networks

Jointly addressing  common pressures and threats



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