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Throughout the week, the Screening Room (Room 92, Level-1) hosts a complete program of presentations to show how shorter and longer films can help raise awareness of the services rendered by MPAs. All presentations involve video screenings and panel discussions, followed by interactive discussions with the audience.

We all now recognize that ocean degradation is a result of human action. Therefore the critical focus must be on us, to alter our behaviors. To reach out and educate the public, film is today the most effective medium: Studies show that on average people only retain 10 percent of text they read, but up to 95 percent of films they watch.

Short films are screened as part of the dedicated five-session seminar Seeing is Believing: Harnessing the Power of Short Films. Organized by the Marine Protected Area Agency Partnership (MPAAP), it is coordinated by NOAA-ONMS. Each 90-minute session is sponsored by one or two member nations. All sessions are centered on three objectives:

  • highlight the role of short films as a driver for marine conservation and stewardship;
  • Present best practices and lessons learned for making and marketing short films; and
  • Introduce the larger MPA community to MPAAP.

Additional timeslots are devoted to longer films, and include documentary films on conserving turtles in French Polynesia, on the beneficial effects of MPAs on fisheries in the Mediterranean, and on a exploration and data-collection campaign in the Marquesas.

Full details:

Overall Screening Room

Seeing is Believing Short
Films Seminar

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