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Throughout the week, six exhibitions illustrate graphically the amazing diversity of coastal and marine environments and of societies that rely on them.

From the Mediterranean to West Africa, these pictures reflect the Ocean+ approach of involving local communities in the sustainable management of marine resources.


© Marie-Aude Sévin© Marie-Aude Sévin

Exhibition area: LEVEL -1

Discover seven pairs of large-format photographs from across the oceans, combining intimacy and perspective, detail and panorama.

Beyond the diversity of coastal and marine ecosystems, these pictures reflect the intimate connection between men, women and the sea, based on the cultural, environmental, economic and social context of the Ocean.

This exhibition depicts a world where humankind and the ocean are at one.

Designed by: Agence des aires marines protégées

Tara Expeditions

© Julien Girardot / Fonds Tara© Julien Girardot / Fonds Tara

Exhibition area: LEVEL -1

71% of the Earth is covered by oceans. Less than 2% of the ocean floor has been explored to date. By combining key figures and expedition photos, this exhibition reveals treasures hidden under the surface in terms of food, energy or medicine.

Over three years, Tara travelled the oceans to conduct the most extensive plankton survey ever. Its ultimate goal is to improve our understanding of global climate change. Such is the philosophy on board this polar schooner: Study the sea today to be able to manage it sustainably in the future.

For nearly 10 years, Tara Expeditions has organized missions supporting marine ecosystems through science, innovation and awareness-raising campaigns. Tara is currently underway in the Arctic Ocean.

Designer: Tara Expéditions

Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas

Les aires marines protégées de Méditerranée © Mathieu Foulquié© Mathieu Foulquié

Exhibition area: LEVEL -1

Renaud Dupuy de la Grandrive and Mathieu Foulquié travelled the Mediterranean to explore the lesser-known underwater seascapes of Libya, Syria, Albania, Algeria, Croatia, Tunisia and France.

The 14 photographs in this exhibition were all taken in marine protected areas. Produced for the 2012 Mediterranean MPA Forum, hosted in Antalya (Turkey) by MedPAN and its partners, they reflect the diversity of their shores, atmospheres and species, whether strictly Mediterranean or from elsewhere.

Designed by: Renaud Dupuy de la Grandrive and Mathieu Foulquié

Mathieu Foulquié has taken part in major expeditions (the Clipperton Islands with Jean-Louis Etienne, the Indian Ocean to shoot “Oceans”, Jacques Perrin’s documentary film) and traveled the Pacific, the two Americas and Lake Baikal.

His friend and fellow globetrotter Renaud Dupuy de la Grandrive has worked in the West Indies and the Indian Ocean, where he developed underwater trails.

They co-authored the book Agde, voyage miair-mieau (2011) and Méditerranées (to be published in October 2013). Meet them at the Ocean+ Pavillion on Wednesday, Oct. 23,10-10:45 AM.

“Ile”, Small Islands of the Mediterranean

© Adrien Perrin / Initiative PIM© Adrien Perrin / Initiative PIM

Exhibition area: LEVEL-1

There are more than 10,000 islands and islets in the Mediterranean Sea. These areas not only boast exceptional biodiversity but have shaped our human cultures.

These photos focus on the bond between people and the Small Islands of the Mediterranean. What gives them this special "sense of place"? How do humans fit in with these rugged landscapes?

Rather than unequivocally answering these questions, these pictures raise new ones. They explore the Galite archipelago, and Frioul, Riou and Rouveau islands in search of those who lived there, capturing fragments of life and examining the fantasies that we views project onto Mediterranean shores.

Adrien Perrin: “Through the harsh and ultra-real lights of the Mediterranean, I tried to capture a sensitive and poetic ideal. I often found myself comparing the sensitive surface the silver film inside my camera with the beaten surface of the islands I visited.”

These photographs are featured in the Adrien Perrin’s book Ile (Images en Manœuvre, 2012).

Designers: Conservatoire du Littoral, Adrien Perrin

Living in a Marine Protected Area

© François Nimal / FIBA© François Nimal / FIBA

Exhibition area: Level 0

In Senegal, Bamboung, Mangagoulak and Pointe Saint-Georges Marine Protected Areas are sources of both exceptional biodiversity and a working and living environment for populations deeply involved in their management.

The lens of photographer and video artist François Nimal emphasizes the importance of MPAs in striking the subtle balance between natural dynamics and human activities. This cannot be achieved without sustained dialogue with local communities.

Designers: François Nimal, International Foundation for Banc d’Arguin (FIBA)

Sailboat Fishing, a Forward-Looking Tradition

marseille pharo vieux port vue aerienne ville_de_marseille© En haut! / PNBA / GIZ

Exhibition area: Level+1

In Mauritania, Banc d'Arguin National Park is a natural sanctuary of global significance and sets an example by the balance it strikes between heritage preservation, development and conservation.

Since the Park was founded in 1976, motor boats have been prohibited. Access to fishing areas is exclusively restricted to the locals onboard their traditional sailboats, and these have once again become the main vehicles for area management.

The (often strong) winds that propel fishing boats across the maze of channels provide perfect conditions for kite aerial photography. From the air, the diversity of their ecosystems becomes tangible, as do the beauty but also the fragility of these ever-changing tidelands caught between the Sahara and the Atlantic.

Concepteurs : En Haut !, Banc d’Arguin National Park, Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit

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