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The Radio Commission of the the Permanent Conference of Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators (COPEAM) has chosen to organize its upcoming 2013-2014 co-production program around "Marine nature parks in the Mediterranean".

copeam bdSeizing this opportunity to enhance the public's understanding of marine protected areas, the Agence des aires marines protégées is lending technical and financial support to this initiative. This program will allow fifteen radio broadcasters to co-produce 10-minute segments on marine protected areas around the Mediterranean. This series will be aired in all participating countries in the Fall of 2014.

In order to launch their project, co-producers from more tha 12 different countries will be present in Marseille and Corsica on Oct. 25 and 26, 2013. There they will meet major conservation players and cover the congress news.

Founded in 1996 in Cairo, COPEAM bridges the shores of the Mediterranean by opening a forum for audiovisual and cultural players from 23 countries: radio and television broadcasters, independent producers, professional associations and cultural institutes, among others.

Besides organizing co-productions, COPEAM coordinates multilateral training programs focused on journalism, media production and new technologies. Just like IMPAC3 does in its own sphere, COPEAM is building a "network of network" where synergies emerge and experiences are shared, enabling all to better adapt to a changing world.

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