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A plan of action to save the high seas

On 24 june 2014, in New York, the Global Ocean Commission, issued a groundbreaking new report that charts a course forward to save the high seas. The report advocates 8 recommendations to stop the plundering of the high seas, including the ban of state fuel subsidies by 2020.

Created in February 2013 to understand and analyze the threats to the high seas which covers 64% of the total ocean surface, the Global Ocean Commission is composed of former heads of state, ministers and business leaders.

The report emphasizes the need for global governance, increased protection of vulnerable areas, eradication of illegal fishing, the elimination of energy subsidies and reduction of marine waste and the scheduled ban on fuel subsidies.

The report also recommends strengthening and universal ratification of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), ratified by 166 countries, and the UN Agreement on Fish Stocks.

This recommendation is another major milestone, praised by the IMPAC3 team, because “urgently entering negotiations to reach and implementing agreement of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea geared at the conservation of the high seas” is one of the 6 major conclusions of IMPAC3.

Click here to learn more or to download the report.

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