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Two books to discover the Mediterranean marine protected areas

Two important books will take you on a voyage across the Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas.

The first one, “Protect Mediterranean Cetaceans” tells you everything there is to know about these marine mammals, based on a 12-year study by WWF France.

In 2000, the Oceans & Coasts program of the WWF France was created and launched with the project Cap Ligures. Its vocation? Support the creation of the Pelagos marine sanctuary whose agreement had just been signed by Italy, Monaco and France.

Speaker: Denys Ody, Head of Oceans & Coastal Activities, WWF France. Find the author at the Ocean+ Pavilion on Wednesday, 23 October, from 10.00 to 10.20 am


The second book, « Mediterranean » is a collection of underwater, coastal and aerial photos of marine protected areas, produced by the association biEAUdiversité. The Authors travelled in around fifteen countries of the Mediterranean.

Depuis les rivages sauvages à ceux plus urbanisés, mais néanmoins protégés, ce livre est une invitation au voyage. Il révèle d’autres facettes de zones sous le feu d’une actualité très politique. C’est aussi une invitation à la rencontre avec les hommes et les femmes qui font vivre les AMP… et qui en vivent.

From the wild coasts, to the urbanized ones –but protected, this book invites you to travel and meet men and women who bring MPAs to life…and who live on them.

Speakers: Renaud de la Grandrive & Mathieu Foulquié (photographers and marine biologists, authors of “Méditerranées” and producers of the exhibition Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas, on display on the first floor.

Meet the authors at the Ocean+ Pavilion on Wednesday 23 October, from 10.20 to 10.45 am.

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