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Respect Ocean, a network of responsible businesses

Raphaela Le Gouvello is known for her sporting achievements. But she is also involved in a diverse range of adventurous projects. For example with her windsurf she crossed the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Oceans as well as the Mediterranean.

Over the timeless waters then emerges a new project: to be involved in marine conservation.

So she initiated the project, a network that aims to bring together stakeholders working in the marine sectors who are engaged, for the respect of oceans, by a common cross-sectoral engagement charter.

Through its website, the network highlights the initiatives, uses, humanistic activities, obligations and best practices related to oceans to better respect this huge, rich and at the same time fragile ecosystem. Two entrepreneurs from this network will come to the Ocean+ pavilion to show their involvement in this process.

Meet them on Thursday, October 24 from 10:45 am to 11:30 am at Ocean + Pavilion.


Eric the GOUVELLO: Sustainable development consultant and teacher, Edaxis Company.

Agnes GARCON: Environmental Manager for Sablières de l’Atlantic

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