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Ocean+ Pavilion: at the service of oceankind

The congress is not only about serious, technical workshops and knowledge cafés! It is also about envisioning new outlooks, visiting distant shores and networking with different people. This is where the Ocean+ Pavilion fits in.

One of its major objectives is to introduce the notion of Oceankind, the trademark theme of this congress: fostering a society that is aware of the sea. The Ocean + Pavilion emphasizes the societal dimensions of the oceans. It turns the spotlight on the involvement of civil society – local communities, collectivities, users, industries – in innovative networks, often relying on new technologies. Among its guests are not only scientists but also prominent personalities and artists.

Located between the main auditorium and the exhibition hall, the Pavilion hosts presentations with a strong visual component, making the most of its multimedia equipment. They are limited to 45 minutes so as to ensure a lively pace that will appeal to participants looking for fresh perspectives between workshops and knowledge cafés.

Interaction with the audience is strongly encouraged, in a club-like atmosphere reflected in the Pavilion’s bar tables, where food and drinks are allowed.

Read more on the Ocean+ Pavilion page >>

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