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Knowledge cafés –investigate, learn and connect

In our last article we talked about workshops. Today we will give you a foretaste of knowledge cafés, of which more than 50 have been programmed so far.

Like workshops, Knowledge Cafés  last 90 minutes, but this time participants exchange amongst themselves around a roundtable. The small group size of 6 to 12 participants allows for an informal, hands-on exchange.

Up to 8 knowledge cafés may take place simultaneously. The time slots are the same as for workshops. This means that, owing to the wealth of material, some 15 different events may be running in parallel at any given time.

Just as with workshops, the conclusions of each knowledge café are reported back to the moderators of the conclusive plenary, so as to be included in the day’s outcomes.

Find out more about the themes and contents of knowledge cafés: read the detailed program >>

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